Below you will find the tours we have organized for some of the artists we have worked with. These include shows all around Europe and the Middle East. 

WAKE ISLAND: Middle East Tour, November 2016, 7 SHOWS


POSTCARDS: European Tour, October 2016, 18 shows


POSTCARDS: Lebanon Tour, May 2016, 5 shows

KARIM KHNEISSER: Estonia Tour, April 2016, 2 shows

POSTCARDS: Italy Tour, February 2016, 12 shows

POSTCARDS: Portugal Tour, Sept/Oct 2016, 10 shows

ROSCIUS (FR): Middle East Tour, September 2015, 6 shows

SAFAR: Euro Tour, May 2015, 1 show (Paris)

POSTCARDS: Euro Tour, May 2015, 6 shows

POSTCARDS: Jordan Tour, March 2015, 3 shows

THE WANTON BISHOPS: Autumn Tour, Sept/Oct 2014, 9 shows

POSTCARDS: UK tour, June 2014, 4 shows